Inspection reveals fodder violations

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Ministry found that manufacturers ignored the danger that animal feed supplements pose to humans.

The Hague – Companies that produce additives for animal feed have violated EU rules regarding dangerous substances.

An inspection by the Dutch ministry of housing, spatial planning and the environment (VROM) found that a sample of the additives violated European standards for chemical substances.

Animal feed is supplemented with 'premixes' of vitamins, minerals, acids and micronutrients. These premixes are dangerous to humans.

The manufacturers operated as if these mixes did not fall under European regulations for dealing with dangerous substances.

VROM officials said that the additives do fall under those directives and should be provided with special labels, safety rules and information pamphlets on how to handle them. Strict rules should also be implemented for their transportation.

The ministry has now moved to ensure the manufacturers stick to the rules in future.

The Dutch branches of Nevedi, Nefato and Dufagro, manufacturers of mixed additives, expressed concern over the inspection results. They have made a global plan to label the substances, make instruction pamphlets and revise transportation to conform to the European norms.

European animal feed organisations said that the premix manufacturers should implement the necessary reforms before April 2010.

The ministry said it would not accept any further delay.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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