Indecisiveness on energy issue

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Contrary to a commonly held view, the Netherlands is using every larger quantities of fossil fuels. Difficult choices must be made to ensure a clean, reliable and affordable energy supply after 2030. However, The Hague is too fearful of public opposition to technologies which could prevent an energy crisis.

These are the conclusions of a report published by the Rathenau Institute on Friday. The institute is an autonomous organisation founded and funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

“We need to put our energy affairs in order soon to enable the Netherlands to make well-founded and convincing choices which would build support for unpopular measures,” the Rathenau Institute writes in its report.

There is widespread resistance against sustainable energy sources such as bio fuels and wind power, but also against nuclear power and shale gas extraction.

According to the institute, few people are aware of the urgency of the situation. Extraction of oil and natural gas is becoming increasingly complicated, and as a result also more expensive and more harmful to the environment.

The government should put clear limits on the national energy consumption as Dutch consumers keep using more and more power.


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  • Bruce posted:

    on 7th October 2011, 15:10:38 - Reply

    Wind power is a waste of space, unreliable and expensive as it requires a back up of conventionally generated power for the times when there is little or no wind. Also, the blades of the turbines kill large numbers of birds.