InPlayers present In Yonder Green Glen in November

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Bawdy fun with Harlequin, Columbine and Pierrot, brought to you in November by the InPlayers at CREA, Amsterdam.

'Bawdy; noun and adjective. Referring frankly to sex, usually for comic effect.'

In Yonder Green Glen, fall in with a troupe of travelling Commedia del Arte actors.  Though the play is set in modern day, the actors' high style and low humour are from the sixteenth century; the story line has been the same for over 500 years.  Rich old men plot to lure young Ladies into their bed chambers, poor young men do exactly the same. But love is in the air and the players are intoxicated.

They are all here. Harlequin and Pierrot duel for the favours of Columbine, whilst both Pantaloon and his son Flavio desire Isabella. El Dottore proffers fantastic cures; El Capitano, his sword. Brighella falls for Isabella's mother, a woman with a past, planning for the future.

Good, old fashioned fun. As Columbine so charmingly sings,

"We are back, we are back,
Harlequin et Brighella,
We are most rude,
And often crude,
This is our Novella!"

Where: CREA theatre, Turfdraagsterspad 17, Amsterdam
When: November 5,6,7 at 20.30 and November 7,8 at 14.00
Tickets: EUR 13 (concession EUR 10); to reserve phone 0205 251 400

Author & director: Svarupa; music: M. Williams; lyrics: Svarupa; players: Nina Cohen, Ken Kitchen, Polly Perkins, Annika Groeneveld, Benjamin Keaton,  Mike Williams, Brandon Grantham, Asker Mulder, Terrence Sinclair, Dorien Admiraal.

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