In Holland in 12 working days via Expatdesk Rotterdam

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Expatdesk Rotterdam helps highly skilled migrants to come to Holland in 12 working days!

This sounds good, but are there any conditions involved?

Yes, there are. But once those conditions have been met, it is possible to apply for a combined residence permit and a provisional residence permit (MVV). The application can be done while you, the highly skilled migrant, are still abroad! If all the required documents are complete, you can start working in the Netherlands 12 working days after the application has been received.

What are the conditons to be able to use this simplified application procedure?

1.    First of all, you must be employed by a (Dutch) company in the Netherlands and be of non-EU nationality.
2.    You must have a minimum annual gross salary of € 50.183 if you are older than 30 years and € 36.801 if you are younger than 30 years.
3.    Your employer’s company must have been admitted to the Highly Skilled Migrants scheme of the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service).
4.    You must have an address in Rotterdam. This can be a (temporary) hotel address in Rotterdam as well.
5.    The Expatdesk Rotterdam must be involved in the application procedure.

The Expatdesk Rotterdam keeps an eye on the process and acts as a contact between you, your employer and the IND. If there’s something that might cause a delay in the procedure, we will try to have it solved as quickly as possible. Once you have arrived in the Netherlands, we welcome you at our nicely decorated Expatdesk (and also your employer). From there, we accompany you to Town Hall to submit the necessary documents. And have all your questions answered right away.

We are a municipal organization: our services are free of charge!


Red carpet treatment for expats

Next to the “expat-procedure”, we offer personal service to expats who live and work in the Rotterdam region.
Expats are welcome to visit, call or email us for assistance with or information about finding a house, school, daycare, house doctor, registration with the municipality, parking permit, application residence permit, relevant social networks, exchanging driver’s license, translation of Dutch documents etc.

We are dedicated to our clients, the expats.Therefore, we always try to reply to a question or request the same day or the next day at the latest.

Want to know more about this “expat-procedure” or our services?
Please contact the Expatdesk Rotterdam:
Phone +31 10 2052829 / 205 3749

Or you are welcome to visit us at our office in the World Trade Center.
Address: Beursplein 37, room 337, 3001 AA Rotterdam

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