"Holleeder has 2 years to live"

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"Holleeder has 2 years to live"

29 August 2007

AMSTERDAM – The trial of suspected crime boss Willem Holleeder is threatened with considerable delays once again because of the suspect's poor health, the Telegraaf reports.
Medical examinations have reportedly shown that the 49-year-old Holleeder only has two years to live if he continues to be kept under the strict prison regime to which he is currently subject. He is allegedly mortally ill.

The trial against Holleeder, suspected of blackmailing a number of real estate magnates, was scheduled to resume in about a week and a half. It was suspended in mid April in connection with the suspect's condition. Holleeder underwent open heart surgery on 12 April.

In May the court in Amsterdam decided that the trial of Holleeder and nine fellow suspects would be postponed until September. Holleeder was still not well enough in May to attend the hearings.

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