Holleeder faces 10 years for blackmailing

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The public prosecution department is demanding a 10 year jail sentence for Willem Holleeder.

ROTTERDAM – The prosecution is demanding top criminal Willem Holleeder to be sentenced to 10 years in jail for blackmailing three people.

Holleeder was sentenced to nine years in prison for extorting money from a number of Amsterdam businessmen. They include Willem Endstra, who was later murdered.

Holleeder has denied charges of extortion, and describes Endstra as his friend. The complex case was made more complicated when many of those involved, including potential witnesses, died in suspicious circumstances before the trial was concluded.

Holleeder was one of the kidnappers in the infamous 1983 Freddy Heineken abduction case.

The prosecution originally sought a 12-year sentence in the first trial, but reduced its demand because of Holleeder's poor health.

Holleeder was rushed to hospital from prison for a heart operation in 2007. He says he does not have long to live.

The appeal court in Rotterdam will rule in June.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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