Holland ranked third best country to live in

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Holland has ranked third on a United Nations list of the best countries to live in. The UN Human Development Index put Norway and Australia ahead of the Dutch on the 187-country list which assesses long-term progress in healthcare, education, child welfare, literacy, annual income and life expectancy.

The Democratic Republic of Congo was last on the list, while Zimbabwe – last year’s worst country to live in – moved up to 173rd place.

The UN development programme UNDP criticised wealthier nations for backtracking on their commitment to alleviate poverty in developing countries. The problems arising from environmental issues worldwide need acute attention, the UNDP added.

The economic boom generated by emerging powers China and India did not reflect in their rankings – they ranked 101st and 134th respectively.

The UNDP report also released its so-called ‘inequality-adjusted’ list, a "measure of the average level of human development of people in a society once inequality is taken into account”. On the amended list, the Netherlands moved down a rank to fourth place, followed by Iceland and Ireland. Sweden is third on this list.

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Ranking of Expatica countries, from highest to lowest:

Germany: 9
Switzerland: 11
Belgium: 18
France: 20
Spain: 23
United Kingdom: 28
Portugal: 41
Russia: 66
South Africa: 123

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  • pepe posted:

    on 7th November 2011, 15:12:35 - Reply

    And no, there is no pedophile party. It is true that three men tried to run for parliament. But they didn't get any support, so their party ceased to exist. Also two of these men are in jail right now.
  • pepe posted:

    on 7th November 2011, 14:37:13 - Reply

    I guess you are wrong when it comes to the wallet return test:

  • Kit posted:

    on 5th November 2011, 00:50:01 - Reply

    This is absolutely absurd! Child welfare? Do a little research in the legal cases against the RvdK (Child Welfare Office) and you will find that it is the most corrupt agency in Europe. Customized child reports can be bought very inexpensively. And for five years running in recent memory, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child chastised the Netherlands for having the highest child abuse percentage of all member nations. Life Expectancy? Claims about life expectancy are laughable in a country where the elderly are euthanized without their request, and they are so scared of it happening that they tattoo their pleading to live on their bodies. Healthcare? When I lived in the Netherlands, I suffered three medical errors that almost killed me. Everyone knows of a friend or relative forced to live in a government facility for the rest of their lives due to a medical procedure that went wrong. Education? My children went to school in the Netherlands and they learned a lot, but not a lot of what they learned was true; nor did it prepare them for life in the real world. Literacy? Do the arts count? The Dutch education is so narrowly focused that only music students have ever heard of Beethoven and only art students ever hear about Picasso. Annual income? With 50 to 60% of the population on full or partial dole? (dole = welfare for you Americans). Speaking of Americans, the American publication “Readers Digest” had a recent poll in which they did things like drop wallets full of money around all European cities, and drop letters with stamps on them around mailboxes, and many similar things that might prompt individuals to return them or send them or otherwise display human decency. The result: The Dutch ranked worst among all EU countries. The study revealed them to be the most dishonest, the rudest, and the only ones who never returned the wallets with any of the funds in tact. The Netherlands was the last country in the world to make child porn illegal, and the laws about this are generally disregarded in the Netherlands. They still have a Pedophile Party among their political parties. There are more pedophiles living in the Netherlands than any other country in the world and a survey done within the past decade by Stichting Chris and published, reveals that one in five Dutch children are taught from birth that it is expected (and perfectly normal) for children to have sex with their parents. With legalized prostitution, brothels, and “window girls” around every cornder in every town, big and small, human sex trafficking is rampant in the Netherlands READERS: One thing you can learn from this “UN Human Development Index” is that a country’s position can be bought on such a list. The list has NOTHING to do with reality. Do not believe everything you read. I am an author with a book forthcoming about this, and that book will be available in the third week of January 2012. I back up all these facts and may more with articles, documents, and other irrefutable evidence. And there are many more horrific aspects to the Netherlands, I assure you. Do not believe the propaganda put out by the UN or by the Netherlands itself.