Hirsch Ballin wants to ban grow shops

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Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin wants to make it a criminal offence to sell material for growing marijuana at home.

6 March 2008

THE HAGUE – Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin is working on a bill to tackle so-called grow shops. He wants to make it a criminal offence to sell material for growing marijuana at home. Parliament supports his initiative.

The Christian Democrat CDA submitted a motion in November calling for a ban. The party is annoyed that grow shops are able to sell virtually everything necessary for growing marijuana at home, and that shop owners also freely give out detailed information on the matter, often on setting up a trade in marijuana as well.

Parliament will debate the drug policy on Thursday and will also urge for an investigation into the effects of the policy.

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  • albrecht posted:

    on 7th March 2008, 00:31:54 - Reply

    Don't listen to the Americans with their 'moral' Puritanical crusades (and the hypocracy that often accompianies them.) The so-called 'war on drugs' is an abmysmal failure in the USA, except in succeeding in its original purpose which is to fund:
    1)private prisons
    2)fund law enforcement
    3)elect politicans using fear of drug epidemics/crime
    4)imprison poor people, often minorities.
    5)help fund secret wars, death squads, and covert ops
    Drugs should be legalised and the abuse of such should treated as a health problem. Eliminate the organised crime and their high profits which corrupt police and in some cases entire governments. Allow safe drugs on the street for consenting adults, just like with alcohol that caused far more misery than drugs- especially marihauna.
  • Emmit posted:

    on 6th March 2008, 20:30:57 - Reply

    Let's see........ Ban all soil, ban all pots to grow plants in, ban water and fertilizer........... can we get a ban on the air too..... seems that those pesky plants are using CO2 from the air... can we just ban CO2? .... hmmm.... oh, and that damned sunlight. Plants use that too. Maybe we can ban that as well.......
  • rod posted:

    on 6th March 2008, 19:53:37 - Reply

    I think we should ban churches, their affect on society is far more insidious. Get religion out of politics!