Hefty fines to deter privacy breaches

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People and companies who violate privacy rules are to get hefty fines under new legislation that is likely to come into force this fall, says the head of the Dutch Data Protection Authority DPA. The fines could range from 25,000 euros for individuals to several million euros for large companies, Jacob Kohnstamm told newspaper AD.

The law is being drawn up by the justice ministry in close cooperation with the DPA. Individuals, companies and organisations who publish pictures and video footage of people whom they accuse or suspect of committing an offence or crime would risk fines of 25,000 euros, according to Mr Kohnstamm. Large companies, such as Google, Microsof and Facebook, who misuse personal data or jeopardise people’s privacy could face fines of several million euros.

“People’s personal data are being used by others all the time, without their realising it in the least”, Mr Kohnstamm stresses. Constant innovations in technology and the internet are making people’s privacy more and more vulnerable.

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