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Starting September, a 7-week post-summer Group Detox programme.

Nutritionist Vardit Kohn ( will run her popular Group Detox again in September. The programme is a fun way to explore for yourself what effects specific foods have on you. It’s a real-life self-experiment designed to enrich your personal understanding of nutrition and, of course, improve your health and energy.
The programme lasts 7 weeks. Every week one 'Detox Block' (= potentially offensive food) is removed from the diet. You will get a full explanation as to what comes out, why, and - most importantly - what to replace it with. As the weeks pass, increasingly more toxins will leave your diet and body, and your food intake will become purer and more varied. As the 'offensive' foods come out of the diet one at a time, you’ll get the chance to feel their particular effect more clearly. Doing it in a group – with a team feel, group dynamics and mutual support - is easier and more fun than going solo. The starting point is your normal diet, so you don't need to prepare in advance.

The Group Detox will start in a kick-off cooking workshop (September 7 or 9), and thereafter communication will be via a specially dedicated blog, where Vardit will publish at least one article per day to provide you with plenty of interesting and useful information. You'll be encouraged to post comments, ideas, advice, recipes (and moans!) on the blog. The group will also meet twice during the programme to share progress and experiences.

September 14 – November 2, 2009
(Kick off workshop on Sept 7 or Sept 9)

Bussum, ‘t Gooi (for the kick off and meetings) + via the blog; can be long distance participation, too

Ticket price/purchase details:
Details available via the website


Contact email:
Direct line to Vardit Kohn: (035) 523 0254 

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