Harry de Winter accuses Wilders of racism

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Television producer Harry de Winter has accused politician Geert Wilders of racism in a full page advertisement on the front page of the Volkskrant.

17 March 2008

AMSTERDAM – Television producer Harry de Winter has accused politician Geert Wilders of racism in a full page advertisement on the front page of the Volkskrant.
"If Wilders had said about Jews (and the Old Testament) what he is now saying about Muslims (and the Koran), he would have been charged and convicted of anti-Semitism long ago," the advertisement reads.

De Winter placed the advertisement also on behalf of Jewish organisation Stichting de Initiatieven en Een Ander Joods Geluid, of which he is one of the founders.

In an interview elsewhere in the newspaper the producer compares Wilders' attitude to Islam with the way in which the Holocaust was incited in the 1930s.

"Wilders argues that the Muslim must be tackled, and that the Koran is a fascist book. That is how the persecution of the Jews once started, by making such generalisations."

De Winter called on Jews to speak out against Wilders. "For me there is no difference between the yarmulke and the headscarf. I hope that we get support from all Jewish circles. Because we more than anyone else can identify with this."

Muslims should not let themselves be tarred with one brush. "The Muslim community must speak out against terrorism more openly."

A survey by pollster Maurice de Hond on Sunday indicated that half of the Dutch do not plan to watch the anti-Koran film Fitna if it appears on the internet.

32 percent say they are eager to see the film, 9 percent want to only see part of it. The rest still are not certain if they will watch it.

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  • Fahad posted:

    on 19th March 2008, 10:07:18 - Reply

    Mr.Chip Hazard you don't even know whats is exactly written in Quran and other Islamic books so how can you say its worse than what that idiot Wilders is saying.That idiot can't couldn't even clearly express his point when he was interviewed on US media.He is just trying to get cheap publicity and such a low-life can't do anything else than that.
  • Jelengar posted:

    on 17th March 2008, 18:04:32 - Reply

    De Winters's claim is idiotic. He doesn't know what he is talking. He has no clue what racism really is. What he is doing is attempt of discreditation with false (misleading) accusation. It's an old communist trick.
  • Chip Hazard posted:

    on 17th March 2008, 15:32:36 - Reply

    Mr. de Winter just fell on Earth from Mars, I presume.
    Muslims are not a race, therefore speaking against Muslims cannot be defined as racism. It is an argument on religion, philosophy, politics, gender parity issues, moral and so on.
    Jews, on the other hand, are (or claim to be) a race, or at least a people, the 'chosen people' (which indicates that they are not devoid of racism themselves, if I may say so, as much as I appreciate and admire the Jews...). Therefore, speaking against Jews IS racism.
    And what is written on the Koran and on other Holy Books of Islam on the Jews is far worse than what Mr. Wilders is saying against Muslims.
    But - as far as I know - publishers of Muslims Holy Books have not been convicted for anti-Semitism.
    Mr. de Winter really seems totally confused. Does he know what he's talking about?