Harder to draw good water from polluted river

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An increasing amount of contaminants found in the Meuse river makes it more difficult for Dutch water supply companies to purify water drawn.

The Netherlands – It is becoming increasingly problematic obtaining good water from the Meuse, says RIWA Meuse, the cooperative of Dutch water supply companies which draw water from the Meuse river basin.

The organisation's annual report reveals a higher amount of contaminants being found in surface water, making purification increasingly difficult.

For years, high levels of herbicides like glyphosate have been causing problems. Now traces of medication contained in urine are becoming an increasing cause of concern.

The Meuse is a major European river that starts from France, flows through Belgium and the Netherlands before draining into the North Sea.

RIWA is calling for stricter implementation of European guidelines and regulations regarding water quality and urges the Dutch government to introduce closer supervision of discharges into surface water.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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