Happiest European children in Netherlands

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Netherlands was ranked high in all categories in the survey conducted across 29 European countries.

LONDON – The happiest children in Europe are in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, according to new British research published Tuesday.

A league table of young people's wellbeing places the Netherlands top of 29 European states, followed by Sweden and Norway, while Britain comes in at a lowly 24th.

The table, focusing on youngsters aged up to 19, was compiled by researchers at York University in northern England for the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) using data mainly from 2006.

The researchers assessed the countries using 43 separate criteria, ranging from infant mortality and obesity to factors such as poverty and housing.

Germany was eighth, France was 15th and Britain was ranked only above Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta.

The Netherlands scored high in all categories, while the Scandinavians were praised for having a low level of child deaths caused by accidents.

Scandinavian children also indulge in less "risky behaviour" – which the researchers categorised as early sexual intercourse, smoking and drinking – than their European counterparts.

Norway was top in the provision of housing and the "quality of neighbourhoods".

Top 10 ranking:
1. Netherlands
2. Sweden
3. Norway
4. Iceland
5. Finland
6. Denmark
7. Slovenia
8. Germany
9. Ireland
10. Luxembourg

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