Halal group takes Animal Rights Party to court

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The Halal Correct Certification Foundation says it is considering taking Marianne Thieme of the Animal Rights Party PvdD to court for spreading misleading information about un-prestunned ritual slaughter.

The foundation is the body responsible for certifying products in the Netherlands, including meat, which meet Islamic religious requirements.

Director Ben Ali-Salah says 400,000 animals are slaughtered according to Islamic laws each year in the Netherlands, around 0.1 percent of total number killed in the Netherlands each year.

He told Radio Netherlands Worldwide “That’s not even enough to feed the one million Muslims in the Netherlands. It’s a storm in a teacup.”

He says the Animal Rights Party is widely respected by Muslims but that it has now gone too far in its efforts for animal welfare. The figure of two million animals cited by the PvdD has no basis in fact, he claims. The foundation is now considering legal recourse against the party.

He called upon the PvdD to withdraw its draft bill, admit that its figures are incorrect and apologise for the fear and discomfort the debate about un-prestunned ritual slaughter has caused among Muslims.


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  • woods posted:

    on 14th April 2011, 13:50:30 - Reply

    Fear? Bit over the top, I would have thought...