Hague council to go on welcoming filmmakers

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The Hague has announced it will continue to pursue its current film policy. The city council says the appointment of a special ‘film commissioner’ tasked with providing assistance to producers who want to shoot films and television series on location in the city has proved successful.

As a result of the commissioner’s efforts, no less than 22 film and television productions have been - partly - shot on location in The Hague. These productions have reportedly generated 1.5 million euros worth of PR for The Hague, on top of a similar amount spent in the city by the film crews. In addition to general and technical support, The Hague also offers minor subsidies to production companies when scenes are shot in the city.

The Hague says it will try to attract international production companies. The city is also to intensify its collaboration with Rotterdam, which already boasts an ‘extensive film infrastructure’.

Earlier, Rotterdam and Amsterdam initiated similar measures in an attempt to attract international production companies. Plans for a national film commissioner launched by former deputy foreign trade minister Gerrit Ybema were never realized. Recently, the Film Fund which is responsible for allocating government subsidies for Dutch film productions, said it would support the appointment of such an official to attract international film productions to the Netherlands.

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