Gynaecologists to receive additional training

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Gynaecologists in training will in future attend special classes on complications during deliveries.

THE NETHERLANDS - The training course is intended to reduce the relatively high rate of infant mortality during nighttime deliveries when inexperienced gynaecologists in training are on their own should complications occur.

At night, the mortality rates are nearly 25 percent higher than during the day, partly because gynaecologists in training sometimes fail to recognise complications. When the responsible gynaecologist is eventually paged, it can be too late.

So far, gynaecologists had to learn how to handle emergency situations in practice.

During the training course, life-size dolls are used to practise emergency situations.

Radio Netherlands/Expatica

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  • Voodoo Doll posted:

    on 5th April 2009, 12:55:46 - Reply

    It is unacceptable to allow woman and babies to die. This is however allowed here in The Netherlands. They should be ashamed that there are not any emergency staff what so ever after 12 midnight because the staff goes home! That is right not any one has emergency staff after midnight and this is the largest contributor to the high infant mortality rates at night! I n addition all GYN should have had this training before they call themselves a doctor.
    Why is this acceptable to the Dutch??? Just so people don’t have to work third shifts? Save money not lives??? Horrible and shameful !