Government needs more time for embryo issue

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The Dutch parliament urges the government to decide its take on embryo selection before the summer recess.

6 June 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - The Dutch parliament accepts that the government needs time to decide its position on embryo selection. Coalition partners the Christian Democrats, Labour and Christian Union stress that care has to be taken in this matter.

During a debate on the issue, the Labour Party urged the government to decide on the matter before the summer recess.

Last week Deputy Health Minister Jet Bussemaker gave the go ahead for embryos created in test tubes to be examined for the breast cancer gene. She was later forced to withdraw under pressure from the Christian Union.

The conservative VVD, the Socialist Party, the right-wing Freedom Party and the democrat D66 want the cabinet to support the deputy minister. They have sharply criticised the sequence of events.

Although the Labour Party backs Bussemaker's point of view and the Christian Union is strongly opposed; neither party wants to speak out before the coalition cabinet has decided its position. The Christian Union has been accused of blocking the wishes of a parliamentary majority.

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