Giant of Rotterdam immortalised in bronze

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A statue of the tallest man in Dutch history, Rigardus Rijnhout, will be unveiled in the Rotterdam district of Oude Westen on Thursday. The Giant of Rotterdam was two metres and 37 centimetres tall.

The Foundation Giant of Rotterdam said on Monday the statue was intended to keep the city legend alive. The foundation says Rijnhout is symbolic both for the growth of Rotterdam and for the “underdog in the city.

Rigardus Rijnhout died at the age of 36 in 1959. He weighed 230 kilos and took size 62 23.5 in shoes. He sold postcards of himself to make a living.

The tallest person in the world, US citizen Robert Wadlow, was a contemporary of the Giant of Rotterdam. At two metres and 72 centimetres, Wadlow was 35 centimetres taller than Rigardus Rijnhout.


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