Giant anteater born in Artis Zoo

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Amsterdam’s Artis zoo has a new arrival. Last weekend a giant anteater was born. The little critter has yet to be named, as zoo keepers are not yet sure of its sex.

The birth lasted one hour, after which the baby anteater crawled onto its mother’s back where it will stay for the best part of a year to rest and sleep. The young mammal has suckled milk from its mother and looks to be in good condition.

It is the third anteater to be born since a mating programme began in Artis in 2008. Mother and baby will remain indoors for the time being to get some rest.

Giant anteaters are a threatened species.  Many are killed by hunters and road traffic and their habitats are destroyed. The mammals have a very long snout and a 60-centimentre tongue. They are dark grey with long claws on their front paws.

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