Gender difference on medicine curriculum

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A Dutch university plans to incorporate gender and health as a mandatory subject into its medicine curriculum.

The Radboud University wants to encourage students to appreciate the significance of gender in medical practices. The skills needed to recognise sexual violence and create an open atmosphere to discuss it, for instance, will be part of its programme.

In the late 90s, the university in the eastern city of Nijmegen found gaps in its basic curriculum and created the Gender and Health Education Initiative in 2004, utilising the resources of the Women’s Health Office in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Researchers say doctors need to understand biological, psychological and social factors in health-related gender differences in order to make a completely accurate diagnosis of their patients.

The Radboud University collaborated with institutions in Canada, where a gender course dealing with the elderly has been developed. Germany, Australia and Sweden are also investing in gender research.

The Swiss University of Lausanne had taken over the gender studies from the Dutch and is going to include it on its general medicine curriculum.

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