Geert Wilders goes into business

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Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders appears to have gone into business. More than a year ago he set up a company called OnLiberty to recruit 'intellectual property’ for publication. Left-leaning published an extract from the Chamber of Commerce register of the company. Mr Wilders told the paper that the company’s postal address is the parliament building in The Hague as the Chamber of Commerce requires a postal and a visiting address. Mr Wilders is under guard around the clock due to threats to his life. For this reason he cannot give his real address. After consultation with the authorities, it was decided the parliamentary building could be used temporarily.

Mr Wilders told the ANP press agency that he had “informed the parliamentary secretary about the problem surrounding his address 18 months ago”. He denies claims in that he had only informed the parliament after the paper had asked questions. The Ministry of Justice has been seeking a solution all this time, according to the controversial anti-Islam MP.

MPs are required to declare any functions outside parliament, extra income and business interests in the parliament’s public registers.

writes the company has been named after the book On Liberty written by the British philosopher John Stuart Mill in 1859. The book advocates the individuals’ moral and economic freedom from the state. In the US, his book is frequently quoted by authors and speakers in anti-government and anti-Islam circles. nc/hs

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On Liberty by John Stuart Mill

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    So they are very worried abiout rights are they ? I guess they forgot about that when they prosecuted Geert Wilders for criticizing a religion. He's innocent- so calling a religion a problem becomes inciting hate huh ? Where are his freedom of speech rights ? Oh- I forgot-we are bowing down to Muslims and are worried about THEIR rights ! What a bunch of hypocritres !