Geert Wilders faces critical fan club

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A group of supporters of Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders have started an association of Freedom Party PVV voters. The objective of the Vereniging voor de PVV VvPVV is to democratise the party. At present, it is not possible to become a member of the PVV.

The initiators say they want to help the PVV from the outside. Geert Tomlow, who earlier was a PVV candidate in the latest parliamentary elections, says: “We believe that a process of democratization in the PVV is necessary to safeguard its future.” He formed the association together with Oege Bakker, a PVV candidate in the recent provincial elections.

The association, of which the website has since been activated, seeks to mobilise Geert Wilders’s grassroots support. On its homepage, the association writes: “When we were standing in the elections, we found that in order to grow and join a future government, the PVV must first become a mature, professional and democratic party.”

VV MP Hero Brinkman, who in the past repeatedly argued for democratisation of his party, is opposed to the VvPVV, to avoid “LPF-like situations” The LPF, founded by assassinated politician Pim Fortuyn, fell apart a few years ago as the result of internal disputes.

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