Geert Wilders' Freedom Party leads polls

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According to Dutch opinion polls, if parliamentary elections were held today the Freed Party (PVV) of populist leader Geert Wilders would become the largest party.

THE NETHERLANDS - The PVV has 27 seats in the polls, while the Christian Democrats - the largest party in the governing coalition - has 26.

He has been rising in the polls since the Amsterdam appeals court decided to try Wilders for anti-Muslim comments six weeks ago.

He was also in the news because Great Britain denied him entry.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • Katie posted:

    on 3rd March 2009, 00:19:23 - Reply

    I can't believe that Wilders has gained such popularity in the Netherlands. Personally, I do not understand why his entire Free Speech platform has held up. I would think more people would challenge his claims that the entire Islamic religion is to blame for the terrorist actions employed by fundamentalist or extremist groups. This in itself seems like an utter rejection of 1st Amendment rights. I watched an interesting video on differing opinions at It's worth watching:

  • osita posted:

    on 1st March 2009, 16:10:28 - Reply

    I cannot find this article on Radio Netherlands - can you put a link to the Dutch Opinion Poll?