Future looks rosy for Dutch Socialist Party

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According to the latest opinion poll, if elections were held tomorrow, the Socialist Party would be the second largest party in the Netherlands with 28 seats in the lower house of parliament. The SP won 15 seats in last June's parliamentary elections.

The SP has been doing very well lately: the party's leader won one and the public seems to approve of the party's MPs in the lower house of parliament. 

The poll, run by Maurice de Hond, says that the ruling VVD will remain the largest party and take 31 seats. The other big winner is the Democrat 66 party; the centrist party currently holds 10 seats but jumps to 17 in the poll. The Christian Union makes a minor gain, and goes from five seats up to six.

On the losing side, the populist Freedom Party drops to 26 but that's still two more seats than it currently holds. The really big losers are the Labour Party, which dropped from 30 to 17 and the Christian Democrats, who dropped from 21 to just 12.


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