Friesian councils fear arrival of JSF

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Local and provincial councils in Friesland fear the arrival of the Joint Strike Fighter airplane will mean the end of a number of villages and housing areas.

FRIESLAND - The JSF fighter planes will be based at an air force base in Leeuwarden. The planes make four times as much noise as the current F16 fighter jets. 

The law stipulates that housing in the noise zone have to be demolished. This means the villages of Marssum and Jelsum next to the base will disappear. 

A number of housing areas in the town of Leeuwarden are also inside the noise zone.

The Friesian authorities have asked MPs to opt for the quietest alternative. In response the Defence Ministry says it will adhere to the sound limits which apply to airports. 

The cabinet is expected to take a final decision on which new airplanes it will purchase for the Dutch air force in 2009.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]  

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