Fresh accusations against Dutch Catholic clergy

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The Dutch police have been asked via Interpol to investigate new sex abuse allegations against retired Dutch bishop 'Cor S' surname withheld and three Dutch priests. The accusations have been made by a former seminary student from Kenya. The man says he was abused as an alter boy and later when he joined the seminary at the Mill Hill Missionaries.

Cor S. is and the three other Dutchmen are members of the Mill Hill Missionaries, one of the priests has since died.

The former seminary student reported the abuse to the Irish police because he thought one of his alleged assailants had the Irish nationality. The detective who took his statement passed the information on to the Dutch authorities by Interpol.

Vatican The Dutch national police force KLPD, however, says no information from Interpol. The Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office also says it has not received any information regarding the case. A spokesperson for Interpol declined to comment on the allegations, but would not rule out the possibility that information was being withheld "for tactical reasons."

Cor S. was removed from Kenya by the Vatican in 2009, after earlier allegations that he had abused another Kenyan boy. The Dutch police made inquiries following media reports on the case. However Cor S. was never prosecuted because the victim did not press charges.

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