Freedom party wants soft drugs tax

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Freedom Party MP Roland van Vliet has asked Deputy Finance Minister Frans Weekers to investigate whether it would be possible to impose a tax on the sale of soft drugs.

In an interview with national newspaper , Mr Van Vliet says that, in these times of budget cuts, drug users should also make a contribution. In a reaction, Mr Weekers points out that the European Court of Justice does not allow levying either import duties or Value Added tax on banned substances. The use and sale of soft drugs is condoned in the Netherlands, but not legal.

Mr Van Vliet feels the deputy minister will simply have to be ‘creative’ and announced he would ask Mr Weekers in parliament to investigate whether there any possibilities for a soft drugs tax.

The Freedom Party MP pointed out that current legislation allows the courts to seize the illegal income of criminals. Prostitutes have to pay tax too. Where do you draw the line?

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