Freedom Party wants respect restored to classrooms

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The Freedom Party wants students to show their teachers more respect.

Students should address their teachers with the formal personal pronoun ‘U’ instead of the more informal ‘je’ or ‘jij’ that is currently the norm.

Freedom Party MP Harm Beertema has announced he will introduce a motion during the upcoming education debate.

Beertema argues for reintroducing to classrooms the respect traditionally shown to teachers, including a ‘professional distance’ between teacher and student.

However, MPs from a number of parties including the Labour Party, Socialist Party and the democrat party D66 were quick to point out that the language and moral standards of MPs serve as examples to young people. Clearly disrespectful outbursts by party leader Geert Wilders were quoted as proof. He recently told the prime minister to .

Beertema in turn accused his fellow MPs of ‘selective indignation’. He claimed that the ‘clear language’ used by Freedom Party MPs could not be compared to the respect he wants students to show their teachers.

Teachers union CNV on the one hand agrees with the Freedom Party’s call for more respect, but said it was hypocritical for a party which humiliates its colleagues in parliament, insulted the prime minister and called another minister to tell other people how to behave.

CNV Chair Michel Rog said the party should first take a long, hard look at itself. He argues that Wilders and his party should set an example where common decency is concerned.


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