Freedom Party told to respect democratic process

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New Dutch Interior Minister Liesbeth Spies has criticised the Freedom Party PVV for saying it intends to circumvent a new law that requires openess about funding for political parties. “This minister will not accept calls to circumvent the democratic process."

Freedom Party MP Hero Brinkman opposes what he calls an “anti-PVV law” because his party does not want to disclose who its donors are. He says his party will search for loopholes in the legislation. Ms Spies says all political parties should respect the outcome of the democratic process. “It’s something that should be engraved on the forehead of every MP,” she said.

The minister concluded that all parties are willing to abide by the letter and spirit of the law on donations “except one”. She has now proposed setting up a committee to look into how parties should implement the new rules.

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