Freedom Party candidates barred from speaking in public

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More than 100 Freedom Party PVV candidates in the upcoming provincial elections have been barred from speaking in public by party leader Geert Wilders. Only provincial party leaders are allowed to make public statements.

The other political parties in the province of Gelderland have expressed anger at the measure. The provincial leaders of the Labour Party and the Christian democratic CDA on Monday gave voice to their outrage in an article published in provincial newspaper

Labour Party leader Co Verdaas said he could not collaborate with a party which will not allow its candidates to speak.“When you hear such a story about Egypt or Saudi Arabia, you simply say: that is not a real democracy. And now this is happening in the Netherlands.” CDA party leader Jan-Jacob van Dijk wonders why voters should trust the PVV when Mr Wilders does not even believe in his own people.

Provincial PVV leader Marjolein Faber defended the ban on public speaking: "The party leaders in the elections have been selected as spokespersons to make them more widely known to the public. A fear that candidates might make mistakes did not play a role", she said.


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