France to vote on Armenian genocide law

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The lower house of the French parliament will vote Thursday on a bill that would make it illegal to deny that the Ottoman Turks' mass killings of Armenians in 1915 were a genocide. Turkey has threatened to withdraw its ambassador over the bill.

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  • Magda Stepanyan posted:

    on 22nd December 2011, 20:58:55 - Reply

    Is there any argument to justify the murder of millions?
  • John posted:

    on 22nd December 2011, 15:31:11 - Reply

    Je... always the Armenians playing victims...!!!!

    They always forget to mention the brutal things
    that they themselves have very recently (1980's)
    have done against Turks... and Azerbaijanis in

    Much quoted rich Armenian cultural heritage is
    not Armenian at all!!! For example an Armenian
    would consider pilof to be Armenian though it
    is a dish prepared in the entire Mediterranean
    area. Many songs and even names have an
    Arabic or Turkish origin.