Former PM sees tensions in Dutch government

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Former Dutch prime minister Wim Kok says tensions are surfacing in the coalition deal between the minority government and the Freedom Party PVV.

The PVV has an agreement to support the minority coalition - the conservative VVD and Christian Democrats CDA – on most issues voted on by parliament. However, in an interview in the newspaper, Mr Kok is forecasting serious tensions within the agreement:

“The CDA and the VVD see that Dutch interests lie for a part in the strength of European co-operation, but their major partner [the PVV] which keeps this cabinet going, has a radically different position. Cracks are going to appear.”

“If European policy has to be pursued, while in the corridors of parliament it’s being said that this is not in the interests of the Netherlands, then there will sooner or later be repercussions for this agreement with the PVV. There’s too much pressure on a major plank of government policy. This is the heart of financial and economic policy on which our future, prosperity and welfare over the coming years will depend”.

Mr Kok was Labour prime minister of the Netherlands from 1994 to 2002.

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