Former Dutch police officer to be sentenced for murder

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Former police officer Sander Vreeswijk will be sentenced on Friday for the abduction and killing of 12-year-old Milly Boele. Two weeks ago at trial, the Public Prosecutors Office sought a 25-year term of imprisonment and compulsory psychiatric treatment.

Milly's abduction and death sparked outrage across the Netherlands, not in the least because the killer was a police officer at the time. This is also why the Public Prosecutors Office sought an unusually strict sentence. Vreeswijk was unable to give the court an explanation for his actions.

Sander Vreeswijk confessed to abducting and killing Milly Boele and burying her in his backyard. He has also been charged with sexual abuse and deprivation of liberty. Vreeswijk denies raping the girl, and claims he killed her on impulse.



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