Foreign minister holds long meeting with Tehran ambassador

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Dutch foreign minister Uri Rosenthal has been in a meeting with the Dutch ambassador to Iran Cees Kole for many hours. The ambassador was recalled to The Hague earlier this week after the body of executed Dutch-Iranian woman Zahra Bahrami was buried in secret.

The minister has been recalled in protest against the trial, the sudden execution and the secret burial of Zahra Bahrami, who was convicted by an Iranian court of possession and sale of drugs. She was arrested shortly after attending anti-government demonstrations in Tehran in December 2009.

Tensions increased between the the two countries earlier this week when the Iranian ambassador Abadi failed to turn up to a second meeting at the foreign office on Monday. He says he was not summoned a second time and was only due to return on Tuesday. The foreign ministry has so far not responded.

Meanwhile in Tehran the Dutch ambassador was snubbed by Iranian officials on Monday, when he was refused entry to the Iranian foreign office. He had been told earlier that he was welcome. In the end the ambassador did speak with Iranian officials. It is not known when the ambassador will return to Tehran.

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