Football club must tackle offensive chanting

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A court in The Hague has ruled that ADO Den Haag football club must act immediately in case of anti-semitic chanting from the terraces.

The court was handling a case brought by the Anti-semitism Resistance Foundation.

The pressure group demanded that matches be stopped as soon as offensive chanting takes place. The judge ordered ADO Den Haag to take "effective measures", stopping the match if necessary.

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  • Patrick posted:

    on 13th August 2011, 19:44:02 - Reply

    Neanderthal75 - Facts seem to disagree with you.

    But I mean really it is wonderful that expatica provides a forum for you to spout of with your uniformed agenda....

    While you are at it look up the last few Mayor's of Amsterdam.

    Facts are really inconvenient sometimes aren't they?
  • Neanderthal75 posted:

    on 10th August 2011, 23:21:19 - Reply

    Are you kidding? Hating Jews has been a favorite 'sport' for Europeans, including the Dutch, for CENTURIES!!!

    Just look at some of the overt anti-Semitism evidenced by repeated governmental support for Hamas and the other Gazan terrorist groups, even while they bomb schools and apartments of Jews intentionally, while at the same time European governments denounce Israeli response to those missile attacks and bombings against their civilians!!!

    Anti-Semitism is rife throughout Europe's governments and bureaucracies.
  • Woods posted:

    on 10th August 2011, 14:43:13 - Reply

    That's totally disgusting - have they forgotten what happened here during the war?