Food shopper’s guide to Holland

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Food shopper’s guide to Holland - A comprehensive review of the finest local and international food products in the Dutch marketplace.

FSGH 2011 - front cover This handy book, now in its 7th edition is the ultimate food guide for Holland.  Over 1,100 entries give a unique survey of the food products in Holland, in English and Dutch names. This 256-page book gives full details of the entire range of food stuffs available and where to find them including basic baking and cooking ingredients; herbs and spices; dairy products; delicatessen and gourmet foods; breads and pastries; fish and seafood; types and cuts of meat and how to cook them; fruits and vegetables; frozen, canned and dried foods; children's foods; health foods; beverages; traditional Dutch foods; international foods and much more. Includes a chapter with illustrations of exotic Asian vegetables. Many tips are included on how to use the food.

In the appendix, English and Dutch names are given for house wares, kitchen and cleaning supplies, weights and measures and oven temperatures. There is a vocabulary list at the end plus a comprehensive listing of international shops in Holland and online food suppliers.

This book is indispensable for all expatriates and international residents who call Holland home, whether enjoying a stay of months or years. The new 7th edition will be available May 2011 through ACCESS and bookshops.


Food shopper's guide to Holland
By Ada Henne Koene with Connie Moser

ISBN 978-90-5972-500-3

EUR 14,50

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