Flores family want life for Joran van der Sloot

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The family of Peruvian woman Stephany Flores who was murdered in a hotel room in Lima a year ago are demanding a life sentence for Joran van der Sloot who is accused of her murder reports Peruvian newspaper El Comercio.

The family say there is clear evidence that robbery was the motive for the murder and not as the Dutchman's defence claims an outburst of emotion. Earlier this month a Dutch friend of Van der Sloot said he asked him for money via an internet messaging system. He says he was broke and desparate. If robbery is the motive behind the killing of Stephany Flores, Van der Sloot could face a life sentence under Peruvian law.

Stephany's father Ricardo Flores told the press that he wants to put an end to the facilities which are at Van der Sloot's disposal in prison. He says the Dutchman is running a shop in sweets and cold drinks in prison and he also recieves visits outside visiting hours.

Mr Flores and Van der Sloot faced one another in court today. The father of the victim was asked to identify a purse found on Van der Sloot when he was arrested. He said he was 95 percent certain the purse belonged to his daughter.

Strategy During the court session it became apparent that the Dutchman does speak Spanish. His former lawyer, Máximo Altez, claimed his client had been forced to sign a document in Spanish under pressure which stated he understood the charges against him. Now that Van der Sloot has conceded he speaks Spanish the case can no longer be held up when there is no Dutch translator, according to Radio Netherlands journalist Pablo Gámez, who is following the case.

Joran van der Sloot also has a new lawyer after disagreements with his former defence. His new defence is a young lawyer who has been allocated by the court.It is not clear what course he will take.

Joran van der Sloot is also the prime suspect in the disappearance in 2005 of US teenager Natalee Holloway, who is presumed dead.

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