Flights cancelled due to heavy fog

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Poor visibility due to the fog resulted in heavy congestion on the roads and caused many flights to be cancelled

AMSTERDAM – Heavy mist wreaked havoc with the morning congestion on the roads and many flights were cancelled at Schiphol because of poor visibility.

Several planes had to be treated for ice build-up on their wings or in their fuel systems. Disruption of flights will continue on Tuesday afternoon.

Traffic jams totalled 400 kilometres on the motorways nationwide on Tuesday. The hard shoulders remained closed for regular traffic on the A1 and the A4, as camera visibility was limited.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • groverpm posted:

    on 16th December 2008, 15:36:57 - Reply

    Despite the heavy fog I was still woken by planes to Schiphol at 0330 and what seemed like 15 minute intervals there after.