Fitna II costs Wilders seats: poll

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Support for Geert Wilders’ far right Freedom Party has dropped by an equivalent of two seats in parliament, according to an opinion poll by Maurice de Hond’s

The poll comes after Mr Wilders announced he would be making a sequel to his controversial anti-Islam film .

The two notional seats have shifted to the largest party on the right, Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s VVD. Freedom Party voters appear to be less enthusiastic about than they are about Mr Wilders other political ideas and proposals, say the pollsters. The percentage of Freedom Party voters who say they would vote for the party again has dropped to 79 percent, the lowest level in the polls since 2006.

“Sick mind” Mr Wilders would win 24 seats in the 150-seat parliament if an election were held now, according to the poll. In fact this is the number of seats his party now actually holds – in the polls his popularity had risen since the last election. Senior coalition partner the VVD would gain two seats, three more than it currently holds. On 1 April Mr Wilders announced he would be making a film in 2012, about “the barbaric life of the sick mind of Muhammad”. 

Sixty-five percent of Freedom Party voters said they approved of the proposed sequel. However, the move only had the backing of 22 percent of those surveyed in total. Fifty-eight percent thought the new film would harm the Netherlands’ position internationally.



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  • Paul posted:

    on 4th April 2011, 10:53:17 - Reply

    Muhammad is thought of as the perfect man in Islamic religion, and they think he's an example to follow. Therefore it's sensible we understand just what this prophet was really like. It takes someone with courage like Geert Wilders to do that. Holland, and other countries for that matter should be real grateful for Wilders. He's making an effort to preserve freedom and rights for all of you. Islamizastion is real and Islamics have every intention of taking over and imposing their inhumane relgion on our denocratic societies. Wake up and support Wilders--you aren't going to find any other like him - Europe needs him . And if the people would make an effort to understand Islam you would know why Geert is RIGHT.