Fines for the Netherlands perpetual students

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The government’s plan to fine students who fail to finish their courses within a certain time looks set to be passed by parliament. Ministers can expect the votes of MPs from the ruling coalition parties, the conservative VVD and the Christian Democrat CDA as well as MPs from Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party PVV.

CDA and PVV MPs describe the plans as “painful but necessary”. Their VVD colleagues want to know exactly what is to be expected from students in the exact sciences who tend to take longer to complete their studies.

Students protested in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands and in The Hague today. They are angry at the government’s planned cuts to higher education.




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  • HTD posted:

    on 30th November 2010, 11:19:34 - Reply

    Expatica. Please be more specific as to what cuts are being considered and for whom, both in terms of shorter periods and/or reductions in benefits.
    Thank you