Final results of Dutch provincial elections announced

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The final results of last week’s provincial elections in the Netherlands have been announced.

The conservative VVD partie won most of the provincial seats 112 up from 101 seats in 2007. The Labour Party are the second largest party with 112 seats in the provincial governments down from 114 four years ago. The Christian Democrats which used to be the largest party in the provinces came third with 86 seats down from 151 in 2007.

Newcomers to provincial politics, the Freedom Party came fourth with 69 seats. The Socialist Party has lost a substantial number iof seats compared to its mammoth victory four years ago with just 56 seats down from 83. The democrats D66 made massive gains winning a total of 42 seats compared to just nine in 2007.

The Green Left increased its number of seats by just two with 34 provincial seats, the Christian Union keeps just 24 of the 38 seats it had occupied since the last provincial poll, the orthodox Christian party SGP lost two of its seats keeping just 12. New party 50 Plus for the older electorate has gained nine seats. The Animal Rights Party has lost two seats holding on to just seven provincial seats.

As far as the regional parties are concerned, the Frisian National Party won four seats and the Party for Zeeland won two, while the Party for the North and the North Holland Party for the Elderly each won one seat in their local provinces.

The make-up is important for national politics as the representatives from the 12 provincial governments will vote for the 75 members of the Upper House on 23 May. The minority VVD-Christian Democrat government supported by the Freedom Party looks like it may fall one seat short of a majority in the Upper House. In the Lower House, the three parties have a slim single-seat majority. This means the government will probably have to seek support from the opposition to get its legislation passed.

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