Film reveals psychiatric inmates can pay for sex

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Highly-dangerous inmates who have been sentenced to a long-stay term can request for the services of sex workers.

Amsterdam – A documentary which premiered at a film festival reveals inmates in the psychiatric prison are able to seek comfort in sex workers through a special organisation.  

According to De Telegraaf, these patients are usually highly-dangerous inmates who have been sentenced to a long-stay term at the psychiatric prison, TBS.

The ‘sex therapy’, provided by Flekszorg sex worker agency, charges around EUR 105 to 135. The agency also provides sex services for the disabled.

In addition, the documentary reveals scene of patients smoking marijuana and watching pornography.

The practices of the TBS-clinics revealed by the documentary, Longstay, came as a shock as sex in TBS-clinics is not permitted.

Longstay premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Thursday. The 22nd edition of the largest documentary film festival in the world will end on the 29 November.

Meanwhile, De Telegraaf reported that the justice department is unhappy with the documentary and has tried unsuccessfully to censor the film.


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