Fat model wins lawsuit against agencies

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A former winner of the Holland’s television show has won her lawsuit against two modelling agencies.

Ananda Marchildon, considered ‘too fat’ by the two agencies, will receive the first prize of 75,000 euros after all. When Ananda won the finals of the 2008 edition of Holland’s , she also won 75,000 euros’ worth of modelling assignments. However, after the first 10,000 euros’ worth no more assignments were forthcoming, allegedly because she was too fat.

Hips Modelling agencies Elite and MTA which has since gone bankrupt said they had no more work for Ananda because her hips were too wide, 94 centimetres instead of the mandatory 90.

However the contract she signed only stated her hip size should not increase beyond 94 centimetres but said nothing about losing any weight. The agencies nevertheless insisted her hip size had to decrease by four centimetres, and quickly. Ananda hired a personal trainer and a dietician at her own expense but did not receive any more assignments.

Furniture maker Ananda Marchildon decided to sue the agencies for breach of contract. The judge ruled that the agencies were guilty of an on their part and ordered them to pay Ananda the remaining 65,000 euros.

She is now in training to become a furniture maker, but accepted one last assignment from underwear manufacturer Sloggi. The company says there is nothing wrong with her hips or her backside, which can be seen on billboards across the Netherlands as part of Sloggi’s latest ad campaign.

Dietician Rosalinde Kikstra, winner of the 2009 Benelux title, is also considering taking legal steps against the modelling agencies. Her story is essentially the same as Ananda’s: the agencies said she was too fat. Even though she started working out and put herself on a strict diet, Rosalinde never received the assignments and the money she was promised.

Just like Ananda, Rosalinda has given up on modelling. She is studying to become a dietician: “

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