Faber faces jail for Dutch war crimes

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MPs in the Netherlands are demanding that escaped Dutch war criminal Klaas-Carel Faber, who lives in Germany, be made to serve his prison sentence. The MPs have written to their German counterparts in the Bondsdag, asking them “to do everything possible to ensure the sentence is enacted quickly”.

Faber was found guilty by a Dutch court of involvement in murders carried out for the Nazi regime which occupied the Netherlands during the Second World War. In 1947, he was handed down the death sentence which was later commuted to life imprisonment. He escaped from a Dutch prison in 1952, travelled to Germany, was granted German nationality and has lived there ever since.

A Dutch MP explains: “Faber has never served the sentence that was handed down to him. His victims’ relatives cannot accept that the perpetrator of such crimes can live as a free man for decades while they have to live with the pain of what happened.”



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