FNV union fears effect of child care cuts

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The FNV federation of unions warns that proposed cuts in child care will have enormous consequences for participation in the labour force. The FNV draws its conclusion from a survey of 1000 parents with young children.

If parents have to pay more, they will look for alternatives. Four out of ten parents are considering working 15 percent less or stopping altogether. Mothers in particular are thinking about working less. Six out of ten parents are considering reducing the number of hours their children are in child care facilities and asking family or friends to help out.

Parents also fear that cuts will affect the quality of child care in crèches and after school care. They consider quality, safety and sufficient staff as the most important factors in child care. At the moment they say they are satisfied with the facilities.

Seventy percent of parents already pay more this year for child care, but so far this has not led to less use of child care facilities. But if prices rise again, 60 percent say they will cut the number of hours they pay for. The FNV is concerned that competition will lead to cuts in staffing levels because parents will look for cheaper alternatives.

The FNV survey has been given to MPs ahead of a debate on child care in parliament today. The Lower House will also discuss recommendations made by the Gunning Committee after the Amsterdam paedophile case in which a crèche worker abused more than 80 children. The recommendations include always having two members of staff in a group, a proposal welcomed by parents and politicians alike.

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  • Patrick posted:

    on 23rd November 2011, 12:14:19 - Reply

    Always good to see the Netherlands Gov't folks proving once again that they are incapable of independent thought...

    Keep following the American slash and burn model... You can see how well it has worked out for the US.

    Keep in mind - every family that has a parent forced not to work by these cuts means less taxes paid. Every person that stops sending a child to creche draws money out of the economy...