Expatriate Healthcare gets 7 out of 10

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A medical insurance provider for expats has received seven out of 10 from Health Insurance magazine for their Accident and Illness Income Replacement plan.

London – Expatriate Healthcare, a medical insurance provider dedicated to expats, recently received a favourable seven stars out of 10 for their Accident and Illness Income Replacement Insurance from Health Insurance magazine.

The mark of approval comes from Andy Couchman, technical editor for Health Insurance.

The plan in question provides cover for accidental death, permanent total and partial disability and temporary total disability. It offers a choice of accident only or accident and illness cover, and is based on a definition of ‘usual occupation’ incapacity, unlike plans from other providers where you have to be effectively disabled from attending ‘any occupation’.

Other factors which contributed to the plan’s high score were its straightforward cover, plus online application and support. The magazine went on to recommend this product to expats who are looking for additional cover to healthcare, as Expatriate Healthcare also offer travel and term life plans.

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  • Kev posted:

    on 2nd September 2009, 11:45:10 - Reply

    Don't you need to declare advertisements as such? If this is a fair article, how did the other insurers fare? Why did they loose the 3 marks?