Evidence in Deventer murder criticised by DNA experts

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Two US experts claim conclusion presented by the forensic institute is not valid.

THE NETHERLANDS – The evidence presented in the 1999 Deventer murder case by the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has been criticised by two US DNA experts.

The experts, Dan Krane and Jason Gilder said the DNA evidence presented by the NFI to prove that a wealthy widow in Deventer was murdered by her former financial advisor, Ernest Louwes, was not possible.

Louwes, 55, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in 2004 and was released on Wednesday after serving his full sentence. 

His sentence comes after two failed attempts to prosecute him. He was finally arrested after the NFI concluded that Louwes’ DNA could only have ended up on the victim’s blouse during her murder.

Expert Gilder, who was speaking at Louwes’ book presentation, said: "The fact that traces were also found in the control samples was a strong indication that the DNA did not get onto the blouse during the crime. The NFI should have known that."

In his book, Schuldig (Guilty), Louwes dismissed the NFI's evidence as ‘nonsense’ and added:  "I refuse to go into history this way and will fight to clear my name."

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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