Electronic theft on the rise in Netherlands

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Electronic theft in the Netherlands has nearly doubled from 57 million euros in 2010 to 92 million euros in 2011.

The Dutch Banking Association reported on Monday that most of the losses - 38.9 million euros - involved skimming, the illegal copying of bankcards in ATMs and ticket machines.

Skimming-related theft nearly doubled in 2011 after seeing a marked decline in 2010. Internet fraud, mainly as the result of phishing, increased to 35 million euros, more than three times the amount reported for 2010. Other forms of fraud involved credit cards and lost or stolen bank cards.

Despite the strong increase, the Dutch Banking Association still says that the Dutch payment system is safe. Compared to the total turnover of internet banking 3.2 trillion euros and the total amount of payments made using bank cards 138 billion euros, the amount lost through fraud is relatively limited.

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