Eindhoven attack video: all youths arrested, but should they be named?

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All eight youths caught on security camera kicking and hitting a man in Eindhoven have now been arrested, Belgian police said on Thursday.

The last five youths are aged 17 to 19 and live in and around the Belgian border town of Turnhout. Four are Belgian nationals, three are thought to be Dutch and one’s nationality has not been made public.

Two of the youths reported to police on Monday, the day after the security camera footage featuring the attack was broadcast on the regional Dutch broadcaster. The third youngster turned himself in the next day.


The apparently unprovoked attack took place on January 4. The 22-year-old victim was hit and kicked by several of the eight-strong group after they marched down the street on 'a war footing'. He suffered severe concussion and injuries to his mouth and jaw.

The arrests and the circulation of the video have led to a heated debate in the Dutch media about the ‘naming and shaming’ of suspects.

In the Netherlands, it is accepted practice not to publish identifiable photographs of suspects and they are usually known by the first name and an initial.

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  • carrico posted:

    on 25th January 2013, 16:00:12 - Reply

    And that's the key, Andrew: As long as they actually did it. innocent until proven guilty.
  • Andrew Holmes posted:

    on 25th January 2013, 11:20:54 - Reply

    Of course they should be named and shamed...As long as they actually did it why not. Too much of this sort of thing is going on recently and needs to be properly punished. 5 years in prison a piece?