Egypt summoned ambassador over Wilders

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Egypt is concerned about a book that Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders plans to publish in the spring. Earlier today, the German Press Agency DPA reported that Dutch ambassador Susan Blankhart was summoned by the Egyptian Foreign Minister in November to explain anti-Islamic comments by the controversial MP.

According to diplomats, Egypt says it is unable to ignore Mr Wilders unacceptable behaviour. In early November, Egypt refused to issue a visum to Freedom Party MP Raymond de Roon after Mr De Roon accused Cairo of the ethnic cleansing of Christians Copts. As a result a parliamentary foreign affairs delegation of Dutch MPs cancelled a working visit to the Arab country.

A spokesperson for the Dutch Foreign Ministry says various issues were discussed at the meeting on 21 November including the publication of Mr Wilders book. The ambassador told the Egyptian authorities that freedom of speech is a right in the Netherlands and everyone is at liberty to write a book. The book believed to be about the history of Islam and argues that the religion is an ideology.

In response to the news Mr Wilders said: “Fortunately we have freedom of opinion here. The Egyptian military regime should concern itself with the rights and protection of Christians in Egypt and preventing further bloodshed rather than worrying about me."

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  • Laura posted:

    on 15th December 2011, 09:41:36 - Reply

    This is the book Geert Wilders promised us about a year ago and I'm glad we are really going to see it. It's supposed to be about the nature of Islam, and I think Wilders will try and convince us that Islam is better called an ideology than a religion. Me, I don't separate the two no matter what religion it is. They both involve a lifestyle and usualy a holy doctrine. One good thing to come of this may be that, since Geert will establish Islam as just an ideology, it will not be excused for it's wrongdoings because of "freedom of religion " . Geert will not give up, and that's what we need. Book out in April or May .